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Toyota Corolla Hatchback Launch


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When Toyota folded Scion vehicles into their lineup, there was a newer, younger audience that emerged among a brand that was once associated with quality, safety and reliability. Understanding the nuances of how to authentically speak to this consumer was key in the success of our campaign. The solve was to strategically focus on more lifestyle imagery instead of product, which was an evolution from the standard content on the site. Based on our research, when consumers are shopping and are at the point of exploring and refining their options, storytelling plays an important role in them seeing themselves in the vehicle. This successful tactic has since been applied across the entire lineup, bringing a much needed fresh take to Toyota’s traditionally sterile digital content.

creative & art direction | Design


Partner Credits
Toyota USA
Agency | Saatchi & Saatchi
Director | Patrick Curtet
Photographers | Marlyne & Patrick Curtet
DP | Morgan Mercier
Creative Retouching | Curve Digital

Production Team | MJ68
Hair & Make-up | Lucy Crawford
Stylist | Megan Kelley
Talent | William Arthur Alexis Gaube Rene Grincourt Vijessna Ferkic

Post Production | SpotBot, Inc.
Music | Fred Prados